The Directory

The Directory of Brighidine Flametending Orders

The Directory was conceived as a hub for seekers wishing to honor Bríde through devotion and tending Her Sacred Flame.  Several Orders exist, from  larger, multi-cill Orders to smaller, independent Orders, such as Nigheanan Brìghde.  Some Orders are open to seekers of all religious paths and some are religion-specific; some cills are women-only, some  co-ed, some men-only; and some are all-inclusive, recognizing and welcoming everyone of all gender affiliations.  While all seek to keep alive Her Light and Flame in the world, each Order does so through its own unique vision.  May this Directory serve as a beacon to seekers wishing to keep Her Flame in devotion and service.  Nigheanan Brìghde is proud and pleased to sponsor this offering to the larger Brighidine community around the world.

Please share the Directory widely to shine the light of flamekeeping opportunities around the world ~

Many thanks, and Brìde Bless!