Do you desire being a part of a sacred sisterhood dedicated to devotional service, group practice, and contemplative reflection?  Does Brìde call you to walk more closely with her?  If so, you are invited to visit the page below to explore membership in the Nigheanan Brìghde Order of Brighidine Flametenders.  Upon receipt of your membership request you will be sent an application form via a facebook private message to complete and return.  Please be sure to check your ‘Other’ facebook private message folder for this application.  Aspirants must complete and return their applications to be considered for membership.  Following review of the application, a discernment process will be entered into as a trial period.  Should the trial period proceed satisfactorily for all parties, the aspirant will be welcomed into the Order as a sister of Nigheanan Brìghde.

Thank you for your interest in Nigheanan Brìghde!

Brìde Bless.