Four Fires

Nigheanan Brìghde honors the Four Fires of Brìde ~

“Brighid, my head is on fire for you-

Kindle thou my inspiration, as you passionately do.

Brighid, my hands are on fire for you-

Kindle thou my creation, as you skillfully do.

Brighid, my hearth is on fire for you-

Kindle thou my restoration, as you gently do.

Brighid, my heart is on fire for you-

Kindle thou my compassion, as you lovingly do.

Four Fires in one, a Bhríd, Four Fires for you,

Kindle thou my devotion, as you always do!

Four Fires in one, a Bhríd, Four Fires in me,

Kindle thou my wholeness, agus oscail mo chroí!”


~original poetry by Crystalline Ruby Muse~

(‘agus oscail mo chroí’ is Irish for, ‘and open my heart.’)


Brìde’s Fire in the Head is our Inspiration that leads us to live lives of meaning, and conceive of creative ways of expressing and engaging with the numinous in various ways.  It is also our Intuition which guides and informs us as we are ignited by the spark of Inspiration to create and grow.

Brìde’s Fire in the Hands is our Creativity to manifest the numinous as it inspires us, to bring our enriching, insightful gifts into the world as offerings of devotion, service, and expression.  The force of creation puts us in touch with the creative force of the land, both feminine forces birthing new life into the world.

Brìde’s Fire in the Hearth is the central fire of each of our homes, as the hearth is the heart of the home in Celtic tradition.  Celtic lore teaches that it is the woman of the home who has a special relationship to the hearth and a sacred role as keeper of the hearth, as we tend the physical, emotional, and spiritual hearthfires of our homes and families, and Brìde in turn nurtures us and nourishes our people.

Brìde’s Fire in the Heart is our inner heart fire of Compassion, source of all Healing.  Through our compassion we feel empathy, which moves us to feel connected to one another to care for one another.  All acts of care bring healing, whether through bringing relief to those who suffer, joy to those who despair, or cures to those who ail.  Tending to our loved ones is our daily expression of healing, bringing care and love into the lives around us.

May the blessings of the Four Fires of Brìde be upon you, and may your devotion to Brìde shine Her Four Fires from you, upon all those you meet!