Fàilte, welcome to Nigheanan Brìghde, a Virtual Order of Brighidine Flametenders.

Nigheanan Brìghde is (Scottish) Gaelic for Daughters of Brìde, and is pronounced NEE-ih-nun BREEDJ-uh.  We are a sacred sisterhood of women from around the globe united in devotion and service to our Guiding Star, Brìde, goddess and mythic foster-mother of the Gaelic peoples of Ireland, Scotland, and their diasporic descendants.

The Order of Nigheanan Brìghde is inspired by the ancient and medieval flame keeping ‘cill’ or church in Kildare (Cill Dara, in the Irish, or, Church of the Oak), Ireland in which 19 nuns, each in turn tended St. Brigit’s perpetual flame in 24-hour shifts, and which the saint herself was said to tend on the 20th shift.  While extinguished more than once in the tides of history, the Perpetual Flame was re-lit in two locations simultaneously in 1993, one of which is its original location in Ireland.  The Order is also inspired by the heavy speculation that this church and its nuns may have replaced an earlier temple of priestesses dedicated to Bríde, goddess of poetry, smithcraft, and healing.

Nigheanan Brìghde’s Vision is of a revived sacred sisterhood in our goddess Brìde through shared devotion, contemplation, community, and study as we honor and celebrate Brìde’s wisdom and guidance in our daily lives.  The Order is grounded in the Celtic worldview of polytheism and animism, many aspects of which are still evident today in the lore and veneration of the Gaelic St. Brigit, and in extant Celtic traditions overall, Catholic and otherwise.

Please note that the Order is not accepting new members at this time.

Thank for your visit, and Brìde Bless.

Erin nighean Brìghde,

Directress, Nigheanan Brìghde Order of Brighidine Flametenders